Yard Prep

Expert Yard Prep For King County, Pierce County & Surrounding counties in Washington State

When growing new grass or building a garden, you want your soil to be as healthy as possible. One way to ensure it’s ready to grow is having your soil tilled before starting on your project. At Excalibur Land Services we provide high-quality soil tilling using the latest equipment, guaranteeing that Washington State area residents can start their next projects without worrying about low-quality soil impacting their new lawns or gardens.

Land, Yard Prep, Soil Tilling Services

Reasons for Tilling Soil Include

  • Mix organic matter into your soil
  • Help control weeds
  • Break up old, crusted soil
  • Loosen up the area for planting

Typically, you’ll only need to till up to 12 inches, tilling too deep or too often can actually cause more damage to your soil. At Excalibur Land Services, our team always gets the job done right, handling all soil tilling and yard prep to ensure you can focus on your project.

Land, Yard Prep, Soil Tilling Services

Don’t Put Off Your Projects Any Longer

Excalibur Land Services operates out of Maple Valley and services clients all throughout:

King County

Pierce County

If you’re interested in prepping your yard for new grass, gardens, or anything else, let our friendly team handle all the prep work, giving you a hassle-free experience. Please call us today with any questions for us or to schedule a consultation.

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