Financial Assistance

Easy, Convenient Financial Assistance to Keep Your Land Safe

Many forested areas throughout Washington need annual treatments to keep them resilient to insects & especially, the threat of wildfires. Excalibur Land Services is proud to announce our partnership with the Washington State Department of National Resources to provide financial assistance to those unable to afford land & lot clearings.

Washington State

What Does This Mean?

This program exists to help those unable to afford lot or land clearing services. Not only does land clearing help improve the overall look & health of your land, it also drastically reduces the risk of fire by removing broken/dead/fallen brush, leaves, & other materials.

Who is Eligible?

Currently this program is available for non-federal owners with less than 5,000 forested acres in the Washington State area.

Ways Land Clearing Helps Our Forests

Land Clearing Service
  • Reduces Overcrowding
  • Thins or Prunes Ladder Fuels
  • Reduces Competition for Light, Water, & Nutrients for Remaining Trees

In short, annual land clearing will help the forest healthier overland more equipped to cope threats like wildfires.

Land Clearing Service

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