Throughout Washington State, many homes and areas are known for having heavy forestation and trees. This can cause a number of issues for home & land owners including hazards, degraded land quality, & even just eyesores. Simply clearing out the land with traditional methods can be a time-consuming and expensive method that leaves you with high costs or a mess across your property. At Excalibur Land Services, our specialty is forest mulching, a process that clears your land and leaves you with natural mulch. Over time the mulch will rot and break down, supplying the soil with rich nutrients it needs to flourish. With so many tree-dense areas, Excalibur Land Services understands the importance of a job done right. Our commitment to quality has helped make us Washington State’s go-to land clearing service.

Washington State

Areas We Service

Operating out of Maple Valley, Excalibur Land Services is proud to help home & land owners from all throughout King County, including:

  • Hobart
  • Ravensdale
  • Shadow Lake

We also service areas throughout Pierce County including:

  • Graham
  • Lakewood
  • Tacoma

Mulching, Land Clearing, & More

Land Clearing Service

While forest mulching is our biggest service for clients, we take our other services just as seriously, always emphasizing quality work and a great customer service experience. Other services we offer include:

No matter what you need, we guarantee your satisfaction with our results every time.

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If you’re in the King or Pierce County areas and need mulching or other land clearing services, the team at Excalibur Land Services has you covered. Please call us today to learn more or to schedule a service for your property.

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