You made the right decision cutting down that unwanted tree that was taking up space in your yard and leaving excess leaves but is that all? How about the tree stump that was left behind? What is your plan for it? Tree stumps may look harmless; however, they pose environmental risks to every living thing around them, your equipment, and the entire property. Below are some of the reasons why removing a tree stump is best for you and your property.

Why Removing A Tree Stump is Important

  • Safety: The presence of a tree stump in your yard may pose a danger to you and everyone walking across your yard, especially children and visitors new to your house.  A tree stump can cause accidents like tripping.  Another hazard tree stump causes in your yard is that it could damage your mower if it hits the stump by accident. It’s better to spend a little money to remove that stump in your yard than to pay for damages to people and equipment.
  • Prevent Pests and Disease: Tree stumps are breeding grounds for pests and diseases because they attract some animals that may spread diseases to healthy trees and plants around. The best way to avoid this situation is to remove that stump in your yard. There are times when a tree is cut down because of a disease. If the stump of that tree is not removed, the disease from the tree may eventually spread to other trees and ornamental plants around the stump.
  • Prevent damage to the ground: Cutting down a tree does not stop the growth of the tree. Since the root of the tree keeps growing, it may pose a threat to the ground, causing visible and unwanted damage. In the future, when the stump becomes rotten, it will leave a mess.
  • Increase Property Value: If your property is up for sale, you should remove all the tree stumps on it. Tree stumps are ugly and unsightly, and they strip the beauty of the property as the focus of most buyers will be on the tree stump. Removing the tree stump would help bring out the beautiful landscape your property has.
  • Prevent Insect Infestation: Decaying tree stumps are known to attract several insects, such as wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, termites, and other pests. The presence of these insects and pests in a tree stump close to other standing trees poses a danger to those other trees. All the buildings close to that stump might also be affected. So it is safer and cheaper to remove that stump from your yard than to remedy the effects of insects and pest infestation.
  • Proper Use of your Yard: Removing the stump in your yard would give you enough space to landscape your yard and make your property more beautiful.

Ways of Removing Tree Stumps

The following are ways to remove tree stumps in your yard.

  • Use Chemicals: chemicals can be used to soften the tree stump till it rots and becomes easy to remove with an ax.
  • Manual Method: You can make use of a chainsaw, an ax, or other cutting tools if you do not mind the strenuous work.
  • Burning: You can also burn the tree stump if there are no restrictions in your neighborhood. This is done by making holes in the stump, putting the stump removing chemicals and fuel, and setting the stump on fire.
  • Use of a Stump Grinder: You can also rent a stump grinder that would make it easier and less strenuous.
  • Contact the Professionals: If none of the four above works for you, you can contact a professional who will help you remove that nasty stump.

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