Imagine yourself on a cold, snowy morning, snuggled up in your warm clothing, sipping your favorite hot chocolate drink. It sounds like a perfect winter morning, doesn’t it? Right up until you have reasons to leave your house but there’s a blanket of snow blocking your sidewalk. Do you know what would have prevented this? Plowing your snow.

The importance of plowing the snow during the winter can not be overemphasized. Here are some reasons why you should get rid of those snows that have accumulated in the driveway or pathway of your property.

  • It Makes your Property Accessible: After every snowfall, you and everyone coming to your house would find it difficult traversing through the thick layer of snow that may have accumulated on your pathway; for this reason, your pathways and driveways must be regularly plowed after every snowfall.
  • It Makes your Life Easy: It is frustrating when you can not go out with a particular shoe or dress because you are worried that it might get wet and damaged from the snow that you have to walk through when leaving your house. A well-plowed yard would make it easy for you to go out and come in without being worried about damages to your clothing.
  • It Avoids Unnecessary Accidents: Slips, trips, and falls are common accidents that happen during winter. These are usually a result of the ice that would form as a result of snow. When you compare how much it would cost you to plow the snow to how much you would pay to treat injuries as a result of the snow, you would discover that it is better and cheaper to plow the snow. Do not risk the health of your household and visitors to your home; plow the snow today!
  • It Enhances Good Relationship With Your Neighbors: Your neighbors would appreciate it if you plow the snow on your sidewalks because they would be able to move easily. You can even help them to plow their yards if they do not have the time.
  • It Would Help You Avoid Lawsuits: The community you reside in may have a law mandating every house owner to always plow their sidewalks for ease of movement, and flouting this rule may result in a lawsuit. If you stay in such a community, it is easier to just remove the snow. Also, if anyone becomes injured as a result of snow on your sidewalks or pathway, you could be sued.

What to Note When Plowing the Snow

  • It is better to remove the snow before the ice begins to form.
  • Remove the snow from all sides of your property.
  • The full width of the sidewalk should be shoveled well.
  • If the ice has begun to form, shovel the concrete.
  • To remove the ice properly, pour salt on it. It is important to keep a log of the location, date, and time you salted your property.
  • Sprinkle sand on your sidewalk to prevent people from slipping.
  • Do not forget to plow close the recycling bins and garbage cans.
  • Do not pile the snow on the street or in an alley. Leave it on your property.
  • Make sure you use the right equipment so that you don’t put much strain on your back and have injuries.
  • To avoid doing all this one your own, have our professional snow removal service plow your property! You can even arrange for this when you’re not home, such as snowbird or if you’re on vacation!

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